Signs You’re Much Smarter Than Average

31 Jul, 2017 admin

I believe everything has been approved – please let me know if you need anything else in order to improve the 15 KW rankings that have declined. Client is very concerned. Intelligence, or IQ, isn’t what you know, but rather the pace at which you acquire new information. Longitudinal studies have shown that IQ is… Read More

Are you reaching your audience correctly ?

8 Jan, 2017 admin

Reach the right targets in 2017 with Practical examples on how to make social and digital media work for you as effective communications tools, how to engage in new ways and measure your success. Find out how to integrate social and digital media use into your wider communications strategy, working out what works for you,… Read More

The 6 Best Advertising Strategies For Small Business

25 Oct, 2016 admin
Advertising Strategies For Small Business

Small business owners need to be realistic about their advertising campaigns. Typically, of course, they’ll be looking for effective, low-cost solutions, but typically, too, you can have just one or the other; you’re unlikely to find a simultaneously effective and inexpensive channel for your ads. That’s why you absolutely must budget for advertising, not just play with… Read More

Creating Targeted Demand In The Marketplace

8 Sep, 2016 admin

“What are you doing to create targeted demand in the marketplace?” is a question I ask a lot of my clients. I think it is an important question to ask as a digital sales rep, and as a business owner because it can make you rethink your strategy. Last year, I had a meeting with… Read More

Telling stories by bringing ads to life.

23 Aug, 2016 admin

As you probably already know, Facebook ended the tests on Canvas, and launch it recently at a global scale, offering a full screen of creative real estate, customised with video, images and text, in a fast-loading and mobile-optimised experience. Experience tell us that a good product or service has also a great story behind it.… Read More

A Chess Grandmaster Shares a Remarkably Effective Trick for Solving Any Problem.

23 Aug, 2016 admin

How do you go about solving problems? My father grew up playing chess in his native Philippines, where the game is hugely popular. He became fairly skilled, and even won a few tournaments after immigrating to the U.S. Of course he was eager to teach me, his firstborn son, the rules of the game. As… Read More

5 Ways to Find the Micro-Moments Your Brand Can Win

22 Aug, 2016 admin

Mobile has created more ways than ever for marketers to connect with consumers. But it can be a challenge to figure out which micro-moments are the best opportunities for your brand. Matt Lawson, Google’s director of ads marketing, shares some ways to identify moments that matter. While micro-moments create countless opportunities to meaningfully connect with… Read More

How to Know if a Business Needs an Advertising Agency

22 Aug, 2016 admin

July 8, 2016|Aaron VanHauter If you own and operate your own small business, you most likely started out handling all aspects of marketing it by yourself. At some point, however, you may need to hand that job over to a professional advertising agency. To determine whether your business needs a professional agency, analyze your business’s… Read More

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